Odin Has Called His Wolves To Their Duty Of Ragnarök

Odin has called his Wolves to to their Duty Of Ragnarök-
Odin says of the ball-less sheep he no longer gives a Fauk-

The sheep he said must face the jackals they seem to Love alone-
His Wolves must turn their attention to Battle Skills to Hone-

For Ragnarök draws nigh at blinding speed amidst bleating sheep-
Odin reminds his Loyal Wolves they have a date with destiny to keep-

After all this tortured endless eternity of sheep herding time-
It is now almost time to do battle with Frost outlanders of Evil Mind-

Odin’s Wolves answer back without needing thought, no hesitation-
Without Any Shadow of a Doubt or Any Negative Sensation-

Time has come at Long Last For Punishing the Great Whore Dressed All in Purple-
Let the Boys Gather together in Holy Righteous Fury, Form the Sacred Circle-

Duty calls for all of Odin’s Wolves with Flaming Viking Balls-
After Ragnarök they shall drink mead & eat BBQed Goat in Valhaklla’s Golden Halls!

The Ole Dog!