Those who Try to Teach, That which They Do Not Understand, To Those Who Do Not Understand Either.

Was telling stupid officer ole fart warrior stories back and forth with a Brother Warrior the other day.

We did different wars this time, but both understand a bond which can only mean we have bladed before, perhaps against and/or back to back to each other, in some hazy long past battle, of some forgotten field of time gone by.

The subject of Ring Knockers came up.

I told him, those like you and I, who operate from instinct, from lessons learned in countless desperate bloody battles of the past, are studied by those who do not understand us, or those like us.
They then try to teach what they do not understand to those who do not understand either!

Think of it?

There are only so many ways to fight and win a battle on certain type terrine, in certain kind of weather, a certain season, with the enemy in a certain place, your forces in the other.

The Warrior who learns to trust that small voice whispering advice from long ago fought battles into his ear, will take the enemy trying to execute moves out of a book, based on that which they do not understand to begin with, every damn time!

Unless of course one has been consorting with one of the god’s favorite concubines.

But them, that becomes personal.
lesson learned there is don’t go trying to monkey with another monkey’s monkey!

The Ole Dog!