Scotland Highlands Hallelujah Celtic Thunder Celtic Angels

Good Sunday Morning, May the Love of the One True God Shine On You Brightly Today!

The Bruc was a close cousin.
My 3ed Great Grandmother was a Wallace from the Cumberland/Scotts Border.
Mael Coluim II, a great great grandfather type.

The Soul yearns for the Loves lost to the Cycle of Life, the Paths walked in the forrest of far off and long ago lands!

The past can not be changed.
While you read this the future became the present.
One can not change the past or control the future.
The Present is all the Time there is to change the Future.

Ones own actions, is the only one, one can truly talk into changing for the better.
Ones changing ones own self for the better is truly the only thing standing between you, myself, and a better world, a better future for Humanity

The Ole Dog!