God Does Not Actively Take Hand In the Destruction of Evil Empires and Peoples, Like The USA & USA Cheering Sheep Monkeys

God Does Not Actively Talk Hand In the Destruction of Evil Empires and Peoples, Like The USA & USA Cheering Sheep Monkeys!

God does not send plagues, armies, astroids, little green men, floods, diseases to take down or wipe out an empire or people who have grown evil in every way.

Or the whole world as the case may be depending on how wide spread humanity has spread their evil.

When the evil has reached a point where a Just, Loving, But Pure God, can no longer stand to look at or touch such evil.

God simply removes his blessing and hand of protection.

The evil sons of bitches themselves will do the rest!

“Those the gods wish to destroy, they first drive mad”.

Have you looked around you lately?

The one thing above all else which PISSED Jesus the Christ off was harming an innocent child!

He said of baby rapers:
“Chain a heavy weight around their necks and throw em in the deep end of the pool, lake, ocean, whatever!”

Now DC, most “state” houses under DC/USA, Moscow, Tel Aviv, London, Brussels, Paris, the Vatican, Berlin, are run by baby rapers blackmailed and bribed by Ratschild baby rapers.

God did not send for the Horsemen to ride over the Earth at this Time.

“Humanity” called, BEGGED them to come!

Necked child-escaping-from-buckingham

Eastern Aleppo, December 2016.


Bomb Iran!!!!!!!!!

This little Semitic Palestinian child, has bigger balls than most Americans!

Murdered Southerners by USA.
Confederates were trying to stop USA invading war criminal “soldiers” from gang raping till death, their children, wives and mothers

USA Burns Children To. Death In Their Church, Waco, Occupied Republic Of Texas, Because Their Parents were ALLEGED to Have “Illegal” Weapons.
“We must Kill The Children, To Save The Children”

Libya after the Ratschilds Bitches “liberated” the Libyan people.
But on the bright side, they now have a pedophilic Usury Ratschild “bank”.

1938 red Russian Commie USA presidential Convention, where Lincoln was recognized as the Father of American zionism/Communism.

Invading USA “soldiers” slaughter Philippine people for fighting for self rule and freedom

Damned well BEGGED the Horsemen to Come!!!

I hope you evil child raping and or cheerleading for, voting for, doing the bidding of child raping mass murderers are damed well happy now the Horsemen’s Steeds have set hoofs on the Earth!

The Ole Dog!

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