The “Problem” with Alphaism

Sheep Monkeys!!!!!!!
Damned Bleating Pooping in fear at everything Monkeys who can Speak no Truth, Hear no Truth, or see Any Truth.

ALWAYS are trying to tell the ones who know how to do things, who know whats really going on, the sheep Monkey’s version!

The Sheep Monkeys (betas) Bleatingly INSIST on telling those who do and know how to do what the sheep do not understand in the Sheep Monkey’s self imposed ignorance, (Or are Sheep Monkeys REALLY that slow intellectually?), how those who know should do things which the bleating Sheep Monkeys don’t have a clue about!

“Never knowing if Believing was a Blessing or a Curse-
Or if the Going up was Worth the Coming Down-”
The Pilgrim, Kriss Kristofferson.

Alexander the Great, recognized as a strategic and Military Genius, as well as having BIG BALLs, was turned on by his officers and troops who without him were nothing.
They would have still have been herding damn sheep!

Jealousy and undeserved Inflated Egos are terrible things in the minds of the lessor ones.

Juilis Ceasar was stabbed to death for trying to SAVE the Roman Republic.
He was forcing social change & financial reform on a handful of rich “entitled” families who ran Rome.

He was giving land to the Veterans of the Legions who were crippled by war, or too old, who were living on the streets of Rome.

So the rich did not have Julis’s mind, DID NOT UNDERSTAND REALITY, Murdered his ass!

In so doing the Cowardly Ass Holes FOUNDED the Roman Empire.

Oh I know what them lying ass “historians told you, but read the real stories & writings for yourself.
Julis was trying to SAVE the REPUBLIC with SOCIAL REFORMS.

Augustus, a step son to Julis became Caesar and FOUNDED the Empire.

Jesus the Christ tried telling Babylonian End of Times Pedophile’s Death Cult Members, (Judians, a small part of the old no longer existing Hebrew Kingdom of Israel), they needed to stop gang raping little boys, sacrificing them to evil demon gods, stop stealing the widow’s last coin/home with usury, stop attacking others to steal, stop lying, return to the True Path of their God At the Times of Kings David and Solomon.

So the child gang raping perverts used the Occupying Roman Government to murder him.

The Sheep Monkey ass holes did not have a clue they were sealing the fate of the Hebrew Judians.

And an ALPHA is ALWAYS, EXPECTED to PULL ALL ANSWERS to ALL the SHIT the Sheep Monkeys can Cause themselves through their cowardliness and “genetic stupidity?”, out of the ALPHA’s ASS on DEMAND from the Sheep Monkeys Who NEVER EVER DAMN WELL STOP Fu#king UP, or SHUT THE HELL UP!!

Fredrick the Great of Prussia speaking of reincarnation said:
“I may not be King Next Time, So much the BETTER!”.

There is a new trend among Ole Alphas.

Called Gamas.

They get a good looking female or two, leave the beta sheep monkeys behind, go find some good territory away from the few Alphas and shit loads of betas, and enjoy life with out all the sheep monkeys noise & shit.

The Ole Dog!

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