US War Criminal “commander” Threatens Hezbollah With Severe War Crime Consequences by the War Criminal USA if They Dare Retaliate Against Israhell’s War Crimes

Nuff Said! The Ole dog! ——————————- BEIRUT, LEBANON (3:10 P.M.) – The U.S. Army’s Central Command, General Kenneth McKenzie, has warned Hezbollah against any military action against Israel because that would be a major mistake and would not end well for Lebanon, the party and its supporters. The Lebanon-based El-Nashra News Agency quoted McKenzie as […]

The “Problem” with Alphaism

Sheep!!!!!!!! Sheep Monkeys!!!!!!! Damned Bleating Pooping in fear at everything Monkeys who can Speak no Truth, Hear no Truth, or see Any Truth. BUT!!!!!!!!!! ALWAYS are trying to tell the ones who know how to do things, who know whats really going on, the sheep Monkey’s version! The Sheep Monkeys (betas) Bleatingly INSIST on telling […]