Excerpt From ‘THE LAST SECRET’- “In Occupied Territories Rape To The Russian Was as Necessary As Religion To The Righteous!”

red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen mongrel Khazarian pedophiles, liars, mass murderers, gang rapist, thieves, no honor two legged zionist Zombie Virus Host Babylonian End of Time Pedophile’s Death Cult members.

NEVER EVER trust a red Russian Non semitic Turkmen mongrel Khazarain who will not distance themselves from the cult, it’s brainwashing of children, feeling “entitled”, as well as gang rapes/human sacrifices of children.

If they do not stand up, speak up, shine the LIGHT on this evil Rat cult crime cabal, then they are part of the problem, and must be treated as a carrier of the zionist Zombie Virus.

Chapter 2:

” One must remember during these weeks of Soviet victory, looting was permitted even encouraged by the Red Army Command, as was rape of German or Ausrian women.
A British Army ‘Padre’, newly liberated in Poland, reported to his superiors when he finally reached London, “that in occupied territory rape to the Russians was as necessary as religion to the Righteous”. ”


Sounds like the War Criminal arsonist thieving lying mass murdering little Southern children gang raping till death Glory-Glory-Hallelujah USA “soldiers when they illegally in a War Crime, Invaded the Foreign to the USA, the Independent Nation of the Sovereign Confederate States of America!

Them kings head chopping, Church of England “purifying”, “witch” burning child gang raping yankee spawn and the red Russian spawn must be cousins!

The Ole Dog!