It is proven, drinking Industrial Hazardous Waste Byproduct Fluoride causes children to grow up with lower IQs.

Fluoride damages the Childs developing brain.
Fluoride causes cancer and discolored teeth.
Industrial Hazardous waste Fluoride does NOT protect the teeth from cavities.

Fluoride has been dumped in the water supply for two reasons.

If ass holes like the criminals down at San Antonio city hall, did not pay International Corporations to dump their hazardous Waste in San Antonio’s water supply, then the Anti-American, Anti-Human International criminal corporations would have to pay big bucks top dispose of their waste product.

And the Ratschilds WANTS your children stupid, just smart enough to dow the hard labor for chump change, but not smart enough to figure the Pedophilic Usury Ratschild’s evil Anti-Human scam out

The Ole Dog!

Water fluoridation is one of the biggest public health failures of the 20th century. Despite solid scientific evidence of harm, politics and public relations have kept the practice alive.

Proponents, including the American Dental Association (ADA) and the Oral Health Division of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), have spent millions of dollars on promotion and public relations to sell fluoridation using half-truths, convincing talking points, and diversions.

But fluoridation is also one of the most widely rejected health interventions on Earth, with 95% of the world’s population consuming water from systems that are not fluoridated.

For the past decade, the trend has moved in the direction of communities ending the practice, not starting it. And now, due to an abundance of new research, a landmark lawsuit and the sustained advocacy and education efforts of the Fluoride Action Network and its supporters like you, the practice could be on the brink of extinction.

The Evidence of Harm Is Too Great To Be Ignored

All tissues are important, but the most important organ to protect during fetal and infant development is the brain. Damage occurring to this organ during these early stages of life is permanent and cannot be undone later in life.

The evidence of neurotoxic harm from water fluoridation has been mounting at an unprecedented rate in recent years, and has quickly become the most urgent reason to end the practice as soon as possible. A cavity can easily be filled, but damage to a child’s brain is permanent.


The End of Fluoridation Is in Sight