A Memory from Before I Volunteered To Be Abused, (US Navy SeaBee)-Robert Plant – ’29 Palms’ – Official Video [HD REMASTERED]

After I signed that piece of paper, as a Pacific SeaBee, I grew very familiar with Kalifornia”s ” desert heart”!

Sand in every hole and crevice in the body.
Exposed for years to Air Headed Valley Girls and Casterated California girly boys!

Nice country but too full of spawn of yankees and Mexico citizens who hate anyone north of the Rio Grande.

But the song brings back memories of not a women for me, I was married when I went in, but many a night standing watch or sitting in a hole with a radio in one hand, a land line in the other, trying to keep the sand out of my weapons 3-4 day old undergarments, BAD prepackaged food i saw poor Arabs turn down in the Middle East, and my family would not eat.

The young warrior grows old, the life of being a warrior leaves the bones hurting, scars on the body, scars on the soul, but the distant din of wars past never quite go away.

Sometimes they return at night, seeming to reassure the old warrior he may be an ole fart now, but he DAMN WELL WAS NEVER A SHEEP!

The Ole Dog!