Cousin George Washington Said To Dedicate This To The USA Sheep Monkeys- That Just About Does It-Vern Gosdin

The Grave of Lt. Col. John A. Washington, great grandnephew of George, carrying one of George’s swords when the USA Assassinated him in his own country, shot him 3 time through the back from concealment, then divided his possessions as the Centurions Divided Jesus the Christ garments.

George’s First Cousin, General George S Patton.
Murdered by the USA & red Russia for not selling America out as FDR, Ike and them Rat’s rope chewing treasonous red Russians did their Host Country!

George said as long as you are taking down statues, could you take his down in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, take the Washington Family name off that baby raping capital of the USA Sheep Monkey’ populated red Russian Ratschild’s American Slave Plantation.

He don’t want folks getting the idea that he by association is in favor of raping little defenseless children, taking bribes, selling out one’s country for fiat shekels. to red Russian Rats.

The Ole Dog!