Iran unveils new statue of Qassem Soleimani who Fought USA State Sponsored Terrorism – In America the Sheep Monkeys Tare Down Statues Of Confederates Who Fought USA State Sponsored Terrorism

My Confederate Ancestors & kin fought the Child & their mother gang raping till death, African American and European American Children and their mothers gang raping till death, USA “freedom” fighters, ‘puritan’ With burning self righteous evil Cromwellian spawn, and their cousins and butties the red Russian marxist, (Commies), who were the evil queer atheist […]

Cousin George Washington Said To Dedicate This To The USA Sheep Monkeys- That Just About Does It-Vern Gosdin

George said as long as you are taking down statues, could you take his down in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, take the Washington Family name off that baby raping capital of the USA Sheep Monkey’ populated red Russian Ratschild’s American Slave Plantation. He don’t want folks getting the idea that he by association […]

Top Iranian Security Official: Terrorist US Assassination of General Soleimani Huge Gift to Terrorists

USA’s World Wide Terrorism Aside. Any civilized nation understands, even ones like Russia understand “civilized” or not, DIPLOMATIC PROTOCOL FORBIDS THE ASSASSINATION OF AN OTHER STATES’S DIPLOMAT WHILE HE OR SHE IS ENGAGED IN A RECOGNIZED FORMAL DIPLOMATIC MISSION! The STUPID as Rat Shit USA Sheep Monkeys cheered DC, Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac […]