The Child Buggering USA Sheep Monkeys Chant, “God” (which one?) Bless The USA!!!!!!!!!!”

I Mean, when a “countries” “First Lady”, is an over the hill porn whore, God JUST HAS TO BLESS America!!!



The over the hill whores husband, “the president” of the “UNITED STATES”.
A for profit International Anti-Human Corporation.

The date at a gay party of a well know red Russian mafia “Gay Caballero”

Well, at least this one is female!

Unlike Manshell!

The Obombister was always jealous Manshell had a bigger tamale!

Mean little girls don’tcha?

I mean, why WOULDN’t a JUST God Which HATES Evil, Bless the Evil red Russian slave plantation shit hole the bleating lamb buggering pig fornicating USA Sheep monkeys have helped the Ratschilds build on the Raped Face of the North American Land.


Let me rephrase that.

Or Not.

My dear departed father had a wise saying.

“The more you stir shit, the more it stinks.

Best just leave the pile of pig foricating USA sheep monkey shit America has become laying there.

Just walk around it until Mother Nature cleanses the Face of North America once more.

The Ole Dog!