Cousin George Patton Told Me To Tell The USA Sheep Monkeys Thanks For Caring When The USA Murdered Him For Standing Up For America

Especially USA red Russian Loving DemoPedophile and RepuliPedophile USA Sheep Monkeys

Ball-less USA Sheep monkeys helped cover up USA & red Russian’s murder of American General George S Patton, yet cheer/revere the memories. of treasonous to America/Americans red Russians like the red Russian “banker” Dick Sucking and Rat Cum swallowing FDR who liked to take the mass murdering red Russian “Uncle Joe” Stalin’s diseased Khazarian dick up his withered ass, the dick sucking ball-less no combat politician in a generals uniform Eisenhower, and a whole lot of other DC red Russians & red Russian LOVERS, Rat’s diseased dick sucking, Rat’s Cum by the gallon swallowing treasonous sons of bitches!!!!!

You are not worth saving USA Sheep Monkeys!
You child buggering low lives have bred like rats, thus unfortunately covered the Face of the Land of North America with your degenerate asses.

Therefore North America is not worth saving either.

Your very existence is a stench in the nostrils of the One True God!

Enjoy the time you have left on two legs in the red Russian child gang raping and mass murdering shit hole you have helped the red Russians craft of a once good Land.

Cock Roaches have six legs!
If you worthless mother hunchers get that lucky.
There are things which crawl on their bellies through shit.
And worse!

For Cousin George:
The Ole Dog!