The Child Buggering USA Sheep Monkeys Chant, “God” (which one?) Bless The USA!!!!!!!!!!”

Right? Right? The over the hill whores husband, “the president” of the “UNITED STATES”. A for profit International Anti-Human Corporation. Well, at least this one is female! Unlike Manshell! I mean, why WOULDN’t a JUST God Which HATES Evil, Bless the Evil red Russian slave plantation shit hole the bleating lamb buggering pig fornicating USA […]

Cousin George Patton Told Me To Tell The USA Sheep Monkeys Thanks For Caring When The USA Murdered Him For Standing Up For America

Ball-less USA Sheep monkeys helped cover up USA & red Russian’s murder of American General George S Patton, yet cheer/revere the memories. of treasonous to America/Americans red Russians like the red Russian “banker” Dick Sucking and Rat Cum swallowing FDR who liked to take the mass murdering red Russian “Uncle Joe” Stalin’s diseased Khazarian dick […]