Victor Davis Hanson | George S. Patton: American Ajax

This guy is a Sheep Monkey.

Sheep Monkeys do not understand Warriors.
But this one told more truth about the inaptness of the Whole USA military during WW 2 organization less Patton, than most.

He made to do about the two slapping incidents.
The 1st one may have had malaria, but the second one did not have a fever when he came rambling in to the hospital, having gone AWL.
It was a well know trick to induce fever for slackers, to shove some GI soap up their tail pipe, would induce a fever.

The 2nd one got his “fever” AFTER checking in AWL from a front line unit, leaving his scared shitless “Buddys”, with one less gap filled, one less rifle, one less to stand guard.

He also poo-poos Patton was murdered, when it has been damn well proved he was with new information which has come out in the last few years.

He was murdered by USA and their Bestist butties, red Russia because Patton would not sell America out to red Russian Bolsheviks, including FDR who LOVED the mass murderer Joseph Stalin.

The treasonous to his host country, the red Russian Turkmen mongrel Khazarian “bankers bitch FDR, called the criminally insane mass murderer Stalin, “Uncle Joe”.

FDR forced Japan into a corner to take a war with Japan off Russia’s hands, because “Uncle Joe” did not want a two front war fighting Japan, a thing Russia seemed to do from time to time, and Germany at the same time.

Also forcing Japan to attack USA, (not America), at Hawaii, a Kingdom USA invaded and took by force, and was occupying when the Japanese attacked, allowed the red Russian “bankers” bitch FDR to drag America into another Ratschild preplanned pedophilic Usury “bankers” war, which the American people did not want to take part in.

When warriors run things, things get done, and there are less wars.

When banker bitches Sheep monkeys run things, more taxes, more wars, more folks die, less freedom, more slavery.

The USA Sheep Monkey loves slavery, loves a f#cked up world, it is in their DNA!

I already knew this, but this guy also states, the war in Europe would have been over by September 1944, if the USA, Ike, Bradly, all those ass holes who could not do what Patton could and did, had not kept stopping him.

Did they do it because they were in on the plan to give red Russia most of Europe so the world could have a Ratschild Pedophile Usury “bankers”Cold War for generations?

Or was Patton the only competent warrior America had left?

But it is one of the better lectures of the “Patton was a crazy genius”, I have watched.

Worth watching, a lot of information of other Americans in this lecture any real American should know about their history.

Stupidity is genetic.
Ignorance is a choice.

The Ole Dog!