FBI Confirms Mossad Pedophile Honey Trap Operator Jeffery Epstein’s Mossad ‘Madame’ Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested in New Hampshire

The Ole Dog! betcha’s she is getting the urge to “commit” assisted “Suicide” in “federal” custody right now!

Been meaning to record a song called:
The Wheels Of the Ratschild’s red Russian Bus Goes

The Ole Dog!

The arrest has been confirmed by an FBI spokesperson, and while the charges she faces weren’t initially disclosed, it’s since been revealed they relate to transporting a minor with intent to engage in criminal activity and perjury, and were filed by the Manhattan District Attorney.
Ghislaine Maxwell, British socialite and former partner of notorious sex abuser Jeffrey Epstein, has been arrested by the FBI, NBC News has reported.

“She was arrested on the east coast on Epstein-related charges and is expected to appear in a federal court later today,” the outlet said.

The perjury charges relate to Maxwell claiming under oath she was unaware of anyone under 18, other than one plaintiff, she interacted with at Epstein’s properties.

Maxwell kept an extremely low profile and her whereabouts were unknown since Epstein’s arrest July 2019 on charges he abused and trafficked women and girls in Manhattan and Florida 2002 – 2005.

Epstein, who pleaded not guilty, was found dead in his Manhattan jail cell August that year. He was a former friend of Presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, as well as Prince Andrew.


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