Huey Lewis and the News – Walking on a Thin Line

Have a brother and friends who are Viet Nam Vets.

They did not ask to go.
They were threatened with having their lives ruined and maybe prison if they did not go.

They were inserted into a culture they did not understand, a culture which did not understand them.

They were spat at, called baby killers when they came home.

The Politicians who sent them were the ones the ball-less USA sheep monkeys should have been spitting on.

These men tried their best to do what they thought of as their country demanded of them, then return and try to put behind them things and horrors which can never be laid to rest.

Late at night sometimes, the war dead come asking why they were killed?
There are no good answers.

The Ole Dog!

“So they gathered the wounded, the crippled the maimed-
And they shipped us back home to Australia-
The arm-less, the leg-less, the blind the insane-
Those proud wounded heroes of Suvla-
When our ship pulled into Circular Key-
When I looked down where my legs used to be-
I thanked Christ no one was waiting there for me-
No one to cry, to morn or to pity-

But the band played waltzing Matilda-
As they carried us down the gangway-
Nobody cheered, they just stood there and stared-
Then they all turned their faces away-

Now every April I sit on my porch-
I watch as the Parade passes before me-
I see my old comrades how proudly they march- reliving old days of lost glory-
I see the old men, tired stiff and sore-
The weary old heroes of a forgotten war-
The young folks ask, what are they marching for?_
And I ask myself the same question-

But the band plays waltzing Matilda-
The old men still answer the call-
but as year follows year, more and more old men disappear-
some Day no One will March there at All!”

‘The Band Played Waltzing Matilda’