Abraham Lincoln is the Father of the USA, Not George Washington

Lincoln was a racist atheist who despised African Americans, (Historical Provable by his own words). “Honest Abe” used religious propaganda he did not believe in to get Americans to slaughter other Americans. He genocided an estimated 3/4 of a million Americans for empire building economic reasons. First there were the Articles of Confederation, George Washington […]

Self Righteous, Ignorant as Hell, or Liars One,USA War Criminal Navy to Ban Confederate Flag Following Marine Corps Order

Video documenting USA Army War Crimes against freed African America women and children, 20,000 purposely exterminated in death camps, natchez Mississippi, devil’s Punch Bowl. The good looking younger girls were put into their white slavery camp brothels. The able bodied men were made slaves at hard labor for the USA “liberating” army. True Southerners do […]

The Father of The Country Sues For Divorce From The USA

Cousin George Washington has asked me as Kinsman and Clan Brother, to express to the “American” people his desires. Here the are the words the Father of the “Country” has for the “American” “People”. The Ole Dog! ———————————————————- CAVEAT The Father of the “Country” does hereby publicly make notice of dissolution of any and all […]