America is now a FAILED STATE… no rule of law, no police, no leadership, no free speech, no functioning markets and no equal protection under the law… YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN

America is now a failed state. In America, you can call 911 and the police will never show up if your property is in or near a Black Lives Matter terrorist zone, which are now de facto “police no-go zones” on U.S. soil. In America, there are no functioning markets. Prices of stocks and bonds […]

As face mask requirements pop back up across Texas, red Russian Commie FDR Want to Be Greg Abbott faces criticism from local leaders and fellow Republicans

State and local officials disagree on whether mandating businesses to require employees and customers to wear face masks is a small burden or a threat to their freedom. City and county officials, some of whom signed on to a letter asking for the power to mandate face masks, fault Abbott for two things. They say […]

Fake red Russian Tears in “support” of the African American’s The Red Russians Kidnapped and Sold Into Slavery

Well know fact among real history students, the vast majority of slave ship owners, slave traders, were descended from red Russian Khazarians, sometimes erroneously called the derogatory slang term, “Jew”. Ethiopian “Jew” women in Occupied Palestine have been without their approval or knowledge, sterilized, and are treated like street dogs by the red Russians. The […]

Humanity Has To Stop Their Damn Wars Against Humanity, Make War on the RATS!

Call it Soldiers disease, Shell Shock, Battle fatigue, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, It is a trauma which is passed from father to son, from mother to daughter. “Honest Abe”, the red Russian Rat’s minion, the African American Hating queer atheist who used radical white trash yankee “puritan” religious cult rhetoric to inflame self righteous bigoted […]

The red Russians of Israhell Did 9-11, There Are Still red Russians Running DC, “State governments”, County and City “governments”. And the American Pig Fornacating Sheep Monkeys Say Bhaaaaaaaa!

So are the “American” Pig Fornacating Sheep monkeys Treasonous to America? Or just a VERY SPECIAL kind of Stupid? Inquiring minds want to know? Now about you Pig fornicating Sheep monkeys trashing up the Occupied Republic of Texas! What the hell is your damned excuse? Fluoridated drinking water? GMOs? Your mother is your sister? You […]

Members of Parliament of Brazil break into hospital claiming to have 5,000 infected & 200 dead from COVID19- NOT ONE PATIENT!!

Brazilians Translated: 5 Members of #Brazil parliament went to hospitals under encouragement by #Bolsonaro to break into hospitals & check to see the number of patients there. This hospital late to be finished but claiming 5000 ppl with COVID19 and 200 dead, so need this hospital Officials broke in to check it & found the […]