As there are No red Russian Ratschild Statues to Tare down, Guess the Black Lives Matter/Antifa “Freedom” Fighters Will Just Have To Go After The Real Thing!

DON’T LIKE SLAVE OWNERS BLACK LIVES MATTER? It was red Russian Khazarians who owned damn near ALL the Slave Ships, were most of the Slave Traders. The Ratschild’s bunch were the ones kidnapped the African Americans from Africa, and sold them into Slavery in the Americas. The Ole Dog

Winston Churchill’s racist legacy in Palestine

“We cannot now try to edit or censor our past,” the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeted earlier this month, defending the statue of Winston Churchill in London’s Parliament Square. The plinth of the statue has recently been daubed with graffiti drawing attention to Churchill’s racism. Johnson is nonetheless adamant that the wartime leader “fully […]

Iraqi Army Destroys Several red Russian Ratschilds Israhell’s ISIS Proxy Terrorist Hide Outs Near the Border with The War Criminal Saudis

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iraqi army in an unprecedented operation targeted and destroyed the ISIL terrorists’ bases and their weapons in a valley at the bordering areas with Saudi Arabia. The Arabic-language al-Ma’aloumeh news website reported on Monday that forces of the brigade 7th of the Iraqi army’s infantry unit in a preemptive measure attacked the […]

Hypocrite: “American” sheep Who Cry Crocodile Tears At Abortion, Yet Cheer Uncle Sugar For Blowing Up Little Children to Little Pieces in Other Countries

Hypocrite: A: An American Sheep. B: American sheep with Cognitive Dissonance. C: American sheep zionist Zombie Virus host. D: American Sheep Supporter of the pedoist No Brain Biden. E: Americans Sheep Supporter of the Pedoist Israhell Firster Trickster Trumpster. F: American sheep Warvangelical “christian”. (Example: A John Hagee groupie) G: John Hagee. The Ole Dog!’s […]