Oh Please Mr red Russian Jackal don’t Eat Little Old Sheep Me!

Obey Sheep Monkeys!

Oh Please Mr red Russian Jackal don’t eat Little Old Ball-less USA Sheep Me-
Eat my Trembling little lambs, they are hiding behind that tree-

I will betray my family, my people, country, my home-
if you will just eat some other sheep and leave little old me alone-

I will tell you where the Shepard sleeps at night’s dark-
So your cowardly back stabbing knife will find it’s true mark-

I will chew rope, I will take it up my well worn ball-less sheep’s ass-
If for supper little old sheep me you will pass-

To Exist for yet one MORE day, one MORE hour, one MORE minuet, one second MORE-
Red Shield red Russian Rat’s shit on their own lambs they will in desperation pour-

The bleating fearful sheep missed the bus to higher spiritual growth and wisdom-
Now they stand trembling on the bleak eternity of the damned’s chasm-

I hope the replacement species which are introduced as the sheep monkeys to hell roll-
Have an improvement of their pie hole coming with an off switch on the Celestial remote control!!!!

The Ole Dog!

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