American Sheep Monkey Hypocrite: Definition

American Sheep Monkey Hypocrite Definition:

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Republiphile American Sheep Monkey Hypocrite Definition:

Votes for and cheers Baby Rapers.
Hates Free America.
Hates Demophiles.
Loves DC/USA.
Loves Israhell.
Cries crocodile tears for aborted babies, yet scream in ecstasy like they are having an orgasm when DC/USA blows little children to tiny pieces in foreign lands.

Supports law enFORCEment while they murder children in America.

Who say God Bless America while pissing in the face of God.

Demophile Sheep Monkey Hypocrite Definition:

Votes for and cheers Baby Rapers.
Hates Free America.
Hates Republiphiles.
Loves DC/USA.
Loves Israhell.
Loves abortion AND blowing little children to tiny bits in for lands in War Crimes.

Pretends to care about law enFORCEment murdering little children if they are African American.

Says USA/DC IS “god”.

Black Lives Matter American Sheep Monkey Hypocrite Definition:

European American white trash paid by a red Russian Khazarian, Soros, to help the red Russians bring America to her knees, all the way to her knees, for shekels.

Mexico Firster American Sheep Monkey Hypocrite Definition:

Looser, hands out, give me free shit sheep monkeys who ran like cowards from the Shit Hole Mexico is, but wants to make Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico part of the failed shit hole country they ran from.

Israhell Firster American Sheep Monkey Hypocrite Definition:

Israhell can do no wrong.
Americans should be happy to have their children raped/murdered/ sent to banker wars for the red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen mongrel evil sons of bitches and slimy whores who hatch them.
Hates the Indigenous Semitic Palestinian souls for existing, and presenting a major problem to their red Russian induced pied pipers illusion.

American Patriot:

Loathes Israhell, red Russians, pedophiles, Republiphiles, Demophiles, treasonous cowardly Americans, Soros paid Black Lives Matter, Mexico firsters, wars for Rats.
Understands the DC/USA Incorporated is an ANTI-HUMAN evil red Russian little boy raping Turkmen mongrel khazarian, Piss in the Face of God usury “bankers” scam.

Loves the One True God.
Loves America.
Tries to follow Nature’s/God’s Law.
Tries to improve their own life, and their country, America every day.

The Ole Dog

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