The Sheep mind Can Never understand The Warrior Mind.

I am a student of history.

Most “excepted history”, is pure Bull Shit!

Want to get a peek at what really happened in the past?
Even the recent past?

Well Buba, ya best get your digging cloths on, cause you going to have to crawl down a lot of rabbit holes, and many of them are filled to capacity with pure shit!

Add to that, the man writing the history, most times, first off has an axe to grind one side or the other, add to that he or she is usually a sheep trying to write about why an ole curly wolf did this or that.

They don’t have a damn clue why a wolf did something, much less a high up the mountain curly, salty ole wolf.

They are bleating, fearful, egotistical, illusionary, pig buggering sheep monkeys!

Say No Truth, See No Truth, Hear No Truth sheep monkeys

How the hell they going to under stand the mind of the wolf?

The sheeps brain says bleat loudly, poop and piss your wool, fight to get to the center of the herd, and MAYBE they will not be the sheep the jackals have for supper tonight!!

Just one more day of existing!!!!

Cause sheep never live, they exist.

The Ole Curly Wolf don’t have to think to know anything not wise enough to walk around him, should be walked around to keep the peace when it matters, but if the idiot starts after you, you might as well rip his throat out, and piss down his windpipe as his wide open pie hole is gasping vainly for air to his lungs.

The Ole Dog!

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