“The George S Patton Story” – Narrated by Ronald Reagan – REEL History

Course and this was made by the USA they neglected to include the war would have been over no later than September 1944, there would never had been a battle of the Bulge in which more Americans were killed than during D Day, and No Cold War if the Anti-American USA had not kept stopping Patton to allow the gang till death raping red Russians to gobble up more peoples and lands to enslave, AND get the Rat’s Pre Planned “Cold War” to boot!

But the Rats wanted the Cold War, so FDR/Truman, Ike, others conspired with red Russia to slow down, then murder Patton so the American people would not be told the truth of the USA’s treason against America/Americans, and the world could have the Cold War George Patton was trying to stop even after the WW 2 was over.

Guess they just innocent like forgot to include that in the USA “Official History Book”.

The Ole Dog!

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