Reincarnation, Karma and Suffering are Fixed Realities, only Love Transcends Them

Most of what this man talks about are things I already know, so I do not spend a lot of time reading his post, but this is a good one, laid out for the beginner sheep who has smelled a whiff of the fresh air of Truth all the way up their sheep’s asses where their head is.

Good read.

My sites are Non Profit.
I eat whether people read them or not.

He tries to wrangle a bit of bread from his work.
So I will put up a couple of paragraphs and the link.

By the way, I tried to send the link on messenger on Face Book, they will not allow his site to be linked.

This means he is telling truths they don’t want you sheep reading.

Carry on!

(Different Dogs by the way)

The Ole Dog!

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

I had to dismiss the last attempt at posting. Let’s try a different approach.

As you can witness in the catamite media, devoted to the overthrow of all that is stable and human, people are losing it everywhere. This is not something they came up with on their own. They are being pressured by Dark Conning Towers, operating out of vibrational frequencies in the collective unconscious. This is the same medium that has been employed to spread sexual confusion and a pandemic of perversity.

It is a given that Satanism’s chief export is Discord. Discord is proliferated by manipulating appearances. The result of this is Reflex Antagonism, Race Wars, Gender Wars and Culture Wars. The whole impetus of Satanism is to set us against each other and create an argumentative mindset and pervasive uneasiness.

People don’t get here, on this plane of existence by accident. They mostly get here through Misguided Intentions. Unless you are motionless, every movement leads somewhere. Whatever course you are on has an end result. Two forces are constantly at work in the manifest; evolution and devolution. Individuals, groups of all sizes, countries, and continents are all engaged in one or the other. Things go up and things go down. Whatever you have convinced yourself of, automatically becomes a pathway to its conclusion and resolution. In other words, WHERE YOU FIND OUT. Certain inflexible rules are in force at all times. One of the primary constructs is Cause and Effect. Everything you do comes back on you. THIS I KNOW TO BE TRUE.

Certain fixed realities are ALWAYS in operation. It doesn’t matter if one believes this to be so or not. As we said, very recently, Neither The Sun nor the Earth was affected one wit by the arguments as to which of them revolved around the other. There is NO ESCAPING the impact of TRUTH. You WILL come into contact with it, sooner or later. If you are true, it will be a celebration. If you are not, there will be an epiphany.

A fixed reality is REINCARNATION.


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