A Man is Not Worthy to be a Leader, Until He Does Not Want To Be The Leader

I am a Warrior.
This life, the life before, the life before, the life before———.

So I have what I term “My Military Mind”.
Because I think tactically, at all times.

Now, if one has an officer, who wants to build a reputation, get medals, maybe be a general, then president, he is more dangerous to the soldiers of his side than he is a danger to the enemy.

He will gladly trade as many of their lives as it takes to put the medals on his chest, stars on his shoulders, and his ass in the Monica Full Service Chair in the Oval Office of the big white Whore House in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac.

But the man, who has in former lives, held the reigns of power, Done the fighting, done the killing, seen the death, smelled the coppery tasting smell of massive amounts of fresh spilled blood, sat in the big Cat Birds Seat, understands how quickly all the world power, wealth, sexual conquest, world fame, turn to bitter ashes on the tongue of the one standing with the Light reviewing ones last Life’s Work.

The man who has sat in the Big Cat Birds seat, tried to pull answers to all the things the sheep can screw up, out of his ass time after time after time—–.

Then he is ready to lead, because he will Love the Lives of his soldiers, their future, the chance to get as many of them home as possible, in as good as shape as possible, physically, emotionally and mentally as he can.

Those who he has to send to their deaths, will be a personal burden which weights his soul, in this life and beyond.

He sure as hell would not trade their lives for medals, stars or even this whole damned rock!

There is one more provision I need to make clear.

Not talking cowards here, sheep monkeys who do not want to lead because of fear.

Talking the Men who have led, in war and peace.

Men who have learned nothing this world has to offer is worth selling their soul, or the mens asses entrusted to them for.

When those entrusted to him, when his mens lives/futures, the futures of their wives, children, brothers, sisters, parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents, mean more to him than his own. only then is he worthy of the term, “Leader”.

If I were Abraham Looking for even Ten Just Men, 10 REAL LEADERS sitting in the cat bird’s seat, to keep the tribulations gearing up from happening, I would have to report to God I had failed in finding ten .

I would have to admit to God, I could not in Forty Years of searching find ONE JUST man called today a “world leader”, who was wise, brave and just.

The Ole Dog!

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