F#ck You Shepherd Said the American Sheep, That Nice red Russian Jackal Said There Was Green Grass Right Inside That Building With The Stench Of Centuries of Sheep’s Blood Coming From It

As you have all been exposed to a flu, we are going to quarantine you all together inside your prison shacks, but every sheep gets a multi-pack of toilet paper and $1,000.00 of fresh printed out of thin air Not federal, No reserves, & Not a “bank” toilet paper green backs in every pot!

The Shepherd said no please sheep, do not go into that Red Shield sheep meat Packing plant-
The sheep bleated back angrily, pooped and pissed on the Shepard’s leg in a herd rant-

F#ck You Shepherd Said the American Sheep-
You are a damned crazy as a loon control freak-

That Nice red Russian Jackal Said There Was Plentiful Green Grass-
Right Inside That Building with which a neon sign is lit, so shut your ass-

The Shepard asked,The Red Shield sheep meat packing plant where between the eyes sheep are hit?-
The Stench Of Centuries of Sheep’s Blood, death and screams of little lambs Coming From It?-

As the Shepherd tried to clean sheep monkey poop and piss from his legs and feet-
He said I think you SHOULD go into that building, I think it will be SWEET!!!-

The Ole Dog!

Little know fact, the prayer Jesus the Christ was praying in the garden before the Babylonian pedophile’s End of Times Death Cult members sent the Romans to kill him:

“Damn it!
Come ON!!!
Why the hell do I have to be a damned sheep herder again!!
They STINK!!
They POOP and PISS on MY feet while bleating angrily God is full of shit and must do it the jackal’s way!!!!

Why ME????????

But thats another story!

The Ole Dog!

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