After “Gen.” Eisenhower (Mass murderer) stood With His red Russian Cousin “Uncle Joe” Stalin, (Mass Murderer) At The Tomb of Lenin (Mass Murderer), The War Criminal Ike Fired General George S Patton as the Commander of the Third Army For Trying to Stop red Russians Mass Rape/Murder of Defeated German Civilians*

Information gleamed from the self published, (Because no one else WOULD) book of a Soldier who worked Intelligence Under Patton During the War, Stephen J. Skubik.


Out of print but available on the net for a free download.

Stephen J. Skubik, a Real American!

Unlike FDR, Wild Bill, Ike, and other assorted red Russian treasonous Khazarian trash.

American sheep monkeys elect to office treasonous red Russians like FDR & Ike, they kill Americans trying to help them like General George S Patton, The Rev. Martin Luther King, John & Bobby Kennedy.

Estimated 66 Million Humans Mass Murdered By FDR’s “Uncle Joe”

Killing Patton so he could not warn the American People, and Stop the Ratschild's Pre-Planned


The Ole Dog!

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