After “Gen.” Eisenhower (Mass murderer) stood With His red Russian Cousin “Uncle Joe” Stalin, (Mass Murderer) At The Tomb of Lenin (Mass Murderer), The War Criminal Ike Fired General George S Patton as the Commander of the Third Army For Trying to Stop red Russians Mass Rape/Murder of Defeated German Civilians*

*: Information gleamed from the self published, (Because no one else WOULD) book of a Soldier who worked Intelligence Under Patton During the War, Stephen J. Skubik. ‘DEATH- THE MURDER OF GENERAL PATTON DECEMBER 211, 1945. Out of print but available on the net for a free download. Stephen J. Skubik, a Real American! […]

I wonder?

If the American Sheep would get STUPID tattooed on their fore heads, Fuc# on the left ass cheek, and Me on the right ass check, if it would speed up the collapse of the Empire so the sooner it can be rebuilt from it’s present third world red Russian Rat Run Shit hole Status? The […]