America Argues with God!

The “puritan” yankee and Re-Constructed yankee “confederates” arguing with God!

‘America Argues with God!’

America, a Good Dream of a Just land the Angels Once Had-
Now has made God Himself Look Away, His Countenance so Very Sad-

Time wasted on such stiff necked self righteous Primitive souls treading in Quick sand-
Who’s only thoughts are of self gain and more pain for their own fellow “man”-

They rape their children, they sell their daughters, they pimp their wives-
All to avoid spiritual growth, Labor, and to get Self Gain from Others Lives-

They screamed at God he was Wrong, he MUST do things Their way or take a Hike-
Last seen God was near Venus giving America the rearward Finger while riding his Celestial Mountain Bike!

The Ole Dog!

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