The Republiphile/Demophile USA red Russian Loving Sheep Monkeys Will Not Be Happy Until America Is The Biggest S#it Hole On Earth

The “American” Sheep Monkeys.
Fear everything!
Speak no Truth!
See no Truth!
Hear No Truth!

Sheep Monkey:
A mix of fearful of everything sheep, and the monkeys which can not speak truth, hear truth, or see truth.

The Usury practicing, illegal/immoral war starting, lying, no honor red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen mongrel little boy raping & murdering Khazarians have the “American Sheep Monkey’s number.

Thats why America is a shit hole presently.

And getting shitter everyday!

Thanks little boy raping and murdering in Babylonian Black Magic Rituals Ratschilds!

Thanks Ball-less, stupid as hell, American Sheep Monkeys!

All the real men died trying to make America NOT be a red Russian Slave Plantaion Shit Hole “Thank” your sheep monkey asses.

Want to know how the American sheep monkeys approach politics?

Theres an old tern we used in the military.
(Cleaned up a bit).

The American Sheep monkeys look like:
A bunch of monkeys trying to have sex with the same football

The Ole Dog!

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