Might As Well Take All Them Confederate Statues Down

God gives his EXPERT opinion on Robert E Lee and his Cause

Might as well take down all them Confederate Statues.

In my lifetime, the only three REAL UN-Pacified, Un-Reconstructed Confederates I have known has been my Father, my Friend Lewie and myself.

My Father has returned to the other side of the vail, his Duty here done.

Lewie giving the yankee the Royal Southern Finger

Both Lewie and I have grown into “seasoned” folks.
If either of us gets another 20 years, it will be amazing.

Once me and Lewie are gone, the Confederate Monuments will just be places for pigeons to poop on and roost.

If the Gallantry, the Desperate Fight Against The Evil Of The Dark Side by these men, lives not on in the hearts of their prodigy, if their prodigy hang their heads in shame at dastardly lies told by no honor lying self righteous “witch” Burning and Child Gang raping Till Death, Invading Thieving, Arsonist War Criminal yankee spawn of Cromwell, then PLEASE, pull them down!!!

The Men they represent, the God they were fighting for and under, wish nothing to do with the yankee or the Confederate People’s own “Re-Constructed”, Pacified prodigy OR their “god”.

The Ole Dog!

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