“Gov.” Greg Abbott recommends Texans stay home as coronavirus cases surge-THEN WHY ISN’T THE red RUSSIAN TREASONOUS TO Texas SOB AT HOME IN red RUSSIA?

(For you SLOW Pig Fornicating Sheep Monkeys, this means Your Firstist LOVE Israhell Hammered you up your ass hole while Uncle Sugar, (DC/USA), held you down and muffled your screams) Or OCCUPIED by Non Semitic red Russian Turkmen mongrel Khazarian’s, Palestine? BTW. If you are not aware, read up on how science proves these mask […]

As the Soul Of Edward The First “Watched with Glee as your kings and queens fought for 10 decades for the gods they made”.

I watch with glee as the American Pig Fornicating Sheep monkeys destroy what Real Humans, Better Men and Women Built. Back as early as 1976-77, I was telling anyone who would listen if DC/USA did not stop borrowing and blowing currency, like a drunken sailor at a titty bar with a hand full of credit […]

The Republiphile/Demophile USA red Russian Loving Sheep Monkeys Will Not Be Happy Until America Is The Biggest S#it Hole On Earth

Sheep Monkey: A mix of fearful of everything sheep, and the monkeys which can not speak truth, hear truth, or see truth. The Usury practicing, illegal/immoral war starting, lying, no honor red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen mongrel little boy raping & murdering Khazarians have the “American Sheep Monkey’s number. Thats why America is a shit […]