The Truth Is hate Speech To Those Who Hate The Truth

I always figured the truth works best in the long run.

Sometimes the truth pisses people off.

During my first marriage, when the bloom was definitely off the rose, I told the wife instead of marrying her, I should have just gone to the cat house.
I told her I would have gotten a better quality product, more of it and a hell of a lot cheaper!

The truth may piss some folks off, but I always figured better just to go ahead and drag that shit into the light.

Or after that, the time I ran into my first ex wife and told her in passing:
I had a nightmare last night!

What about?

The Ole Dog!:
I dreamed we were still married!

The truth is the truth no matter who it pisses off.

Don’t you think it is about time for you “American” pig fornicating sheep monkeys to pull your heads out of your asses and face Truth?

If I was facing the Great Gathering of sheep Souls, I believe I would make at least some effort to get my shit together before facing the Light!

The Ole Dog!

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