Americans Have Their Hate To Keep Them Warm

I have tried for years to get the American pig fornicating sheep monkeys to pull their heads out of their zionist Zombie Asses.

Thats why they hate me.

I keep trying to tell them the truth, tell them hate is evil and leads one to their personal hell, as well as the collective evil shit they force on other humans with their hate and ignorance.

The Truth is offensive to the American pig fornicaters.

Take the Face Book post above.

The Poster is a Sons of Confederate Veterans member, who pledges allegiance to, LOVES the USA.

The USA who’s flag flew over the USA “soldiers who gang raped children, women together, Black and white, to death.

Which dug up the dead to steal jewelry they were buried with.

Which shelled and burned whole cities of Southern Civilians.

Which burned crops, (after gang raping, children, women, and sometimes the farm animals), shot livestock in order to starve tens of thousands of Americans to death.

Which stole everything not tied down, or they could cut loose.

Which mass murdered an estimated three quarters of a million Americans based on fanatical cult religion propaganda and other yankee lies.

Which EXTERMINATED 20,000 FREED African American women and children in Extermination Death Camps in Natchez Mississippi in 1865, after the war was over.

The reason there were no men in the camps, the USA Army had made them slaves to the USA Army, doing hard labor.

Who’s Kill Em All For JESSSSSUSSSSS theme song, Glory-Glory Hallelujah was written by an Atheist Marxist bitch.

This brings to question, who or what IS the REAL “god” of the USA and the American Pig Fornicating Sheep Monkeys?

The poster and 30 more idiots are too stupid to know Tillman figured out the wars were based ons lies.

That Israhell and the USA together had attacked America at New York.

He was going to come back and tell the American people the truth, just like General George S Patton was going to come home and tell the American people the truth/evil of the USA, so they murdered Tillman just as the USA murdered Patton to keep him from speaking of the evil of the USA.

And here these yankee “confederates” are too stupid to know holding up the Man the USA murdered, who sure as hell would not be cheering the USA if he returned, as an USA Hero is the height of stupidity.

Not taking up for the multi-millionaire pampered African American idiot either.

What is it about court jesters makes them think being an entertainer qualifies them as a person qualified to do political commentary?

Personally, I do not think a pampered African American multi-millionaire has a lot of room to look down his nose at my poor Viking American ass!

Black Lives Matter/Antifa, are paid Anti-American agitators who took the thirty Silver Shekels to betray their Home Land to kiddy raping red Russian Khazarian evil sons of bitches who HATE America/Americans.

The “Southern Heritage” organizations have red Russian Khazarian treasonous sons of bitches, sleepers who infiltrated the organizations, got key positions, to insure the southerners do nothing to really fight the evil of the USA, while cheering on those who gang rapped their great and greet-great grandmas, (and maybe the pig), while the red Russians get the death grip on the throat of the American souls and Home Land.

Both sides do not need the truth which will make America free of red Russian Khazarian evil kiddy fuckers who use American children as DC sexual party favors/cannon fodder, their parents as usury Debt slaves to red Russian Rats.

They have their HATE to keep them warm!!!!

“Those the gods wish to destroy, they first drive mad.”

Welcome to the shit hole the “American pig fornicating sheep monkeys have helped the red Russian Rats fashion on the American Home Land.

The Ole Dog!

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