Whats That Sticking Out Your A$$ Joe Sixpack USA?

Joe S USA:
Thats an Anti-Virus Medical Device!

Ole Dog!:
Why does it have two round things in a sack hanging in Back?

Joe S. USA:
The government man said that was a counter balance.

Ole Dog!:
Looks like them extra thick and long dildos I see advertised on TV late at night.

Joe S. USA
Fuc-i said it has been discovered the Corona Virus can crawl up your ass and infect you, so Butt plugs are now mandatory, Where yours?

Ole Dog!;
Last son of a bitch tried to stick something up my ass got his family jewels cut off, hanged over his nose, on his head which was cut off, and given as a gift.

Damn virus tries to crawl up my ass I will give it one of those canine farts which the long suffering wife claims would kill three hundred year old Live Oak trees!

But I could see why a pussy like you would want that butt plugged.

Saw a pack of dogs chasing a bitch in heat while ago.
They might mistake you for their bitch!

Bitch is a Bitch you know.

The Ole dog!

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