Time to Separate The Wheat From the Chaff In Your Souls

Not all souls in the two legged animals torturing the Earth are from the same place, dimension, time, age, species, however you like your possum cooked.

So when discussing the demise of “Humanity”, let us narrow the scope down to the “sheep people”.

The Walmart people.
The extra actors in a movie.
The flock of many ducks behind the one you are aiming your shot gun at.

Of no real consequences.
A experimental species on probation, which have not only continued to not leave the probational status behind, but seem damed well determined to dig themselves a hole to hell itself.

Spitting in the face of the True God, pissing on the legs of the Light’s messengers, boiling them in oil, feeding them to wild beast, hanging them, burning them at the stake, breaking them on the wheel, the “Iron Maiden, nailing them to trees, skinning them while still alive, stabbing them in the back.

And ALWAYS Trying to tell God how it should be done!

So God finally had enough.
God is Love, and can not long abide his hand of blessing touching such an evil self righteous, stiff necked egotistical little child raping ass hole pleb sheep “people”.

A couple of million years is more than enough chances.
so God removed his blessing from “humanity”.

Does not mean God is sending a bogie man to get your evil asses.
You are only that important in your own eyes.

means probation period is over, sink or swim, kill your own damned asses off or don’t.
In the big picture, “humanity” surviving or not is like poking your finger in a raging stream, and pulling it out.
Either way, did not make a hell of a lot of difference to the river did it?

God is sending no one this time to save your asses, you would just kill them again, as you have again and again.

Pull your own selves up by your own big boy boots straps, or don’t.

But if you at this late date want to catch the train to the next level, not get kicked back into the primeval slime as a cock roach which has to eat shit from the same hole it shits out of, the shit taste like shit, but they must continue to eat the bad tasting shit or die if they rest, stop eating.

Oh yes, while shitting out the old shit at the same time the new shit is eaten.

Then you need to first examen your own soul, because you are the only one who can make changes.

Look at your circle of “Friends”.

Anyone who does not bring a good bit of beneficial things to your life, but is always bringing shit to your life.

if you are trying to figure out reality, grow spiritually, they are holding you back, get then the hell out of your lives!

If it is your spouse?

I personally have two ex wives.

If you are an Old Soul on the Lights Side, same pill.
Look to your backs.
If you can not trust them at your back, make sure they are with the enemy where their loyalties are, in front of you.

Time for folks straddling fences has died and gone to heaven.

Time to pick sides.

If you are an old soul from the dark side, an Evil One, sooner you surrender to the Light, the sooner you start your prison sentence, and the sooner with good behavior, you will be allowed to roan again.

Evil never wins in the end.
I cheated and read the ending first.

I was born with one foot over the line and the other kicking that way.
Thats why I am:

The Ole Dog!

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