Oh How The Pig Fornicating Sheep Monkeys Cried As Their Bacon Fried!

As you have all been exposed to the flu, we are going to quarantine you all together inside barbed wire, but every sheep gets a multi-pack of toilet paper and $1,000.00 of fresh printed out of thin air Not federal, No reserves, & Not a “bank” toilet paper green backs in every pot!

Oh how the pig fornicating sheep monkeys cried as their bacon fried-
Cursing God for removing his blessing just because they fornicated with the dark side-

They shook their fist at the sky in anger at God’s nerve-
To think his sole purpose was not “humanity” to serve-

The little child raping degenerate sons of evil bitches-
Cursed God because he did not conform to the pig fornicaters wishes-

Refusing to take responsibility for their own evil acts against Nature-
They scream God is UNJUST for giving their child raping sheep’s asses censure-

The Keeper of Hel hath put on extra staff and Doth Loudly Declare, Lo-
Tis time at long last for the great gathering of pig fornicating sheep monkey’s souls!

The Ole Dog!

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