Warning Pig Fornicating Sheep Monkeys, This War is Not About You!

There is a war which has been going on long before your kind frantically clawed your way out of the primeval slime.

It does not concern you.
Stay out of the way.
If you inject your pig fornicating Diarrhea of the Pie Hole sheep monkey asses into that which does not concern you, either side will squash your insignificant ass like a fat bug hitting the windshield of a car at nighty miles an hour, and never give it another thought.

“Humanity” may have already sealed their Extinction Order.
If not they are close.
Humans who want to believe they are Gods, are an on probation experimental species which have not worked out as planned.

“Humanity” will decide if they want to survive as a species, not God.

This very ancient war is not about humanity.
The beings who tried to help them were assigned humanity as a secondary objective, the war with Evil Ones has always had priority.

In other words, the Warriors for the Light were in the sector fighting the Evil Ones, and God said, there is a new trial species.
See if you can give them a hand while you are there fighting the Evil Ones.

These beings were not sent here because of or for “humanity”.

The two legged animal candidates for Humanity, like to ascribe much more importance to their running after Evil bleating sheep asses than God does.

Now That God has removed his hand of Blessing from Humanity for pissing in his face while murdering the messengers he sent, life after life after life, Humanity is of no interest in this war.

Whether “humanity” survives or dies out, is not an objective of this war.

Whatever time “humanity” has left, don’t piss it off trying to go above your pay grade and status on the food chain.

Just mill about smartly until the gathering of the souls.

The Ole Dog!

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