Humanity Has To Stop Their Damn Wars Against Humanity, Make War on the RATS!


Call it Soldiers disease, Shell Shock, Battle fatigue, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, It is a trauma which is passed from father to son, from mother to daughter.

“Honest Abe”, the red Russian Rat’s minion, the African American Hating queer atheist who used radical white trash yankee “puritan” religious cult rhetoric to inflame self righteous bigoted no honor yankee ass holes to mass rape and mass murder, and mass theft, mass arson, the lying rail road shyster lawyer who’s friends and advisors were red Russian Khazarian failed in Europe Commie Red Bolshevik revolutionaries, waged war on America to build the red Russians Rat’s “American Empire”, which is actually a sub corporation of the evil Rats which own the red Russian rat Rum “British empire”.

The red Russian Rat’s so called “civil War”, Genocided a quarter a million Americans and traumatized the whole now damed by the True God, “country”.

America was dragged into the Ratschilds Wet Dream of WW 1 by the sold out Rat’s bitch Woodrow Wilson.

A whole generation of children were traumatized by the needless deaths of their fathers, brothers, uncles.

They were further traumatized by the wounded, the crippled, the insane who returned from what a WW 1 Veteran described to my father as a “Rich man’s heaven, and a poor mans hell”.

These traumatized children, had children, passed on the inherited trauma.
The the sold out red Russian who sucked Rat’s dick, the red Russian Commie FDR, dragged Americans into another Rat’s wet dream of another world war.

WW 2.

American sheep monkeys elect to office treasonous red Russians like FDR & Ike, they kill Americans trying to help them like General George S Patton, The Rev. Martin Luther King, John & Bobby Kennedy.

Again American children were traumatized by death, cripples of war, the insane minds returning.

Americans children were further traumatized.

Afraid they had not traumatized the American children enough, the Rats started the Korean Conflict, and had the red Russian Bitch Truman send in American men to die, be crippled, driven insane in another Rat’s preplanned war.

Like a booster vaccine, the Rats had their red Russian bitch Ike to drag America into the colonial killing fields of Viet Nam.

JFK got the blame, but was actually trying to get America out of Viet Nam.
One of the reasons the red Russian Rats murdered him in full view.
More trauma for America children as well!

Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya.

If the cowardly little boy raping up the ass red Russian Khazarians want a damned war, let REAL Americans give them one.

Unum ad unum.

You Americans LIKE war?

Well, you are not doing too well against the red Russian Rats.

You are are holding your own prodigy down so the Rats can rape them up the ass.

Americans, make war on the Rats, not America or Americans.

And no more Rat wars to traumatize americas innocent little ones.

You Know What Jesus the Christ said about harming one of his little ones.

He said any red Russian ass hole who does, or their pussyfied “American” enablers, should have a donkey millstone, (a VERY heavy weight) chained around their neck and thrown in the deep end!

Is there enough heavy weights, chains, rivers, swimming pools, sewer plant holding tanks, dirt tanks, large fish aquariums in America to take care of America’s red Russian Khazarian Pedophiles, war mongering usury Rats and their enabling zionist Zombie Virus Host “American” Warvangelical “christian” bitches?


The Ole Dog!

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