The red Russians of Israhell Did 9-11, There Are Still red Russians Running DC, “State governments”, County and City “governments”. And the American Pig Fornacating Sheep Monkeys Say Bhaaaaaaaa!


Yes Papa!

So are the “American” Pig Fornacating Sheep monkeys Treasonous to America?

Or just a VERY SPECIAL kind of Stupid?

Inquiring minds want to know?

Now about you Pig fornicating Sheep monkeys trashing up the Occupied Republic of Texas!

What the hell is your damned excuse?

Fluoridated drinking water?
Your mother is your sister?
You father is your brother?
Your blood is contaminated with yankee virus?

I mean for folks can trail a wounded deer for two miles over bare rock, should be able to figure out the back trail of a bunch of Red Russian Anti-American Khazarians.
One would think?

The Ole Dog!

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