Members of Parliament of Brazil break into hospital claiming to have 5,000 infected & 200 dead from COVID19- NOT ONE PATIENT!!

Brazilians Translated:
5 Members of #Brazil parliament went to hospitals under encouragement by #Bolsonaro to break into hospitals & check to see the number of patients there. This hospital late to be finished but claiming 5000 ppl with COVID19 and 200 dead, so need this hospital
Officials broke in to check it & found the hospital is an absolute mess, not finished, and no patients. The governor is defrauding the state and nation and taxpayers & LYING about the numbers to pad the numbers. Embezzlement scheme & to help bring down the country &push #vaccine.

This is the same fraud many US hospitals are doing to make money from the government. the US gives apx, $7,000 for each patient diagnosed as Covid-19 infected, and $35,000 for each patient placed on a ventalotor. Since the hospitals are hurting for money today they have been padding the numbers to make more money from the federal government! This is a huge scam against the nations for ulterior motives.

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