I’d Rather Rush The Gates of Hell Alone With A Bucket of Water, Than have Cowardly Treasonous Rat’s Male Member Sucking “American” Pig Fornicating Sheep Monkeys At My Back

My father always told me:
“If God tells your to stick your head through a brick wall, it is your job to lower your head and run at the wall.
It is God’s job to put a hole in the wall so you don’t knock your brains out.”

American is being transformed into a red Russian Rat Run slave plantation.
The bleating American sheep are helping the Rats every damn chance the ball-less ignorant as hell cowardly herd animals Americans are, can.

American’s took the easy path.
The easy path always leads to damnation.
The Horsemen are here for you asses Americans.
This Micky mouse shit you see in the streets is just foreplay.

Now a warning is a warning.
If I see any of you sheep trying to get behind my back, I will consider it self preservation and self defense in helping to arrange your reunion with your ball less sheep ancestors in Hel.

The ball-less bastards got behind Alexander the Great’s back.
The ball-less bastards got behind Julius Caesar’s back.
The Ball-less bastards got behind Jesus the Christ Back.
They got behind Lt. Col. J A. Washington’s back, USA shot him three time through the back.
They got behind General George S Pattons back, USA & red Russian ambushed him, murdered him.
They got behind Gandhi’s back.
They got behind JFK’s back.
They got behind Martin Luther King’s back.
They got behind Bobby Kennedy’s back.

My ancestors waiting my triumphal re-entrance into Valhalla grab their Red Hot Glowing Manly Viking balls and enormous throbbing Thors Hammers in disgust when the American sheep are mentioned!

Female sheep farmed by little boy raping and murdering red Russian pedophile Anti-American jackals.


Valhalla says no American sheep will be allowed into Valhalla.

Real warriors eat goats!

The Hounds of Hel eat sheep.

The Ole Dog