‘Not a Fiddle Putin Can Play’: Kremlin Denies Bolton’s Claims of Russian President’s Sway Over Trump

Who ya going to believe? The little boy raping and sacrificing to demon war “gods” Red Shield red Russian Khazarian mafia Rat’s? Or your lying eyes?????? The Ole Dog! ———————– The statement comes ahead of the publication of former US National Security Adviser John Bolton’s memoir detailing his work in the Trump administration. In some […]

I’d Rather Rush The Gates of Hell Alone With A Bucket of Water, Than have Cowardly Treasonous Rat’s Male Member Sucking “American” Pig Fornicating Sheep Monkeys At My Back

My father always told me: “If God tells your to stick your head through a brick wall, it is your job to lower your head and run at the wall. It is God’s job to put a hole in the wall so you don’t knock your brains out.” American is being transformed into a red […]