USA Based red Russian Khazarians See The Handwriting On the S#it House Wall!!!!


A demonic blood lusting cult does not decide to half ass do the right thing out of concern of or for Humanity.

No it is self preservation which causes the Smarter minions of the Rat’s cult religion to see the time again approaching when humanity has had enough of getting their blood sucked by child raping and sacrificing to demonic “gods” Rats and their minions, enough of their unadulterated evil, and has an ole time community Rat Killing!

Problem is when the sheep form a mob, they just get the lower level fruit, instead of cutting the roots so the whole damn little boy raping up the ass and war starting evil spawn of the dark side tree dies.

By the time the sheep mob’s blood lust for revenge is satisfied, the architects of the master plan are left safe in their castles and walled country estates to get new minions, and resume their war against Humanity.

You sheep see if you can get it right this time, the Ratschild roots!

The Bible says God visits the sins of the fathers on the children past the fourth generation.

The Ole Dog!

‘Annexation turns Israel lobby against Israeli gov’t (Peace Now chair says ‘it’s been de facto apartheid for a long time’)’

There has been remarkable news in the last few days: much of the Israel lobby in the United States is in open revolt against the Israeli government to try and stop annexation of the West Bank.

The rightwing group AIPAC has for once given politicians a green light to criticize Israel over annexation; hardliners such as Robert Satloff, David Makovsky and Democratic Majority for Israel are urging Israel not to annex West Bank lands, and the Democratic group J Street is pushing a letter to Netanyahu signed by 28 Democratic senators saying it would “betray our shared democratic values” by denying the possibility of a Palestinian state, along with statements from nine Senate candidates.

Maybe most important, Haim Saban, a leading Democratic donor, is reported to have sherpa’d an op-ed by a UAE ambassador urging Israel not to annex. The bombshell op-ed in a rightwing Israeli publication has enraged Trump’s pro-Israel ideologues who paved the way for annexation under the Trump “peace plan.”


Annexation turns Israel lobby against Israeli gov’t (Peace Now chair says ‘it’s been de facto apartheid for a long time’)

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