Love Through Time

She took my blood stained hand-
She told me of the trap of hate like quick sand-

Stains the soul with the searing flames of hate filled revenge and lust-
Of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life on the tongue turns to dust-

She held me close when before battle to defend her and ours, my loins felt the fear of death-
Assuring me in Valhalla I would once again be given breath-

She gave me children, she bandaged my wounds, she buried my bones when death came-
She told me she would be with me even when the world’s evil drove me almost insane-

She has worn many faces, many bodies this Love of mine through time-
When tis my time to enter the halls of Valhalla’s majesty sublime-

I would want no other walking beside me as our ancestors welcome a pair of battered earth worn pilgrims of the Light-
When they will see That Which Is, the Light in the majesty of the Sources Righteous Might!

The Ole Dog!

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