World Leaders? Where?

One of the pedophilic Ratschilds “alternative” internet “news” sites ran this picture on a propaganda piece called “HOW WORLD LEADERS DEAL WITH COVID-19′

Not real sure why they would run a story about what real world leaders are doing to deal with the Ratschild’s illusion of a COVIT “pandemic” to scare the sheep shit out of the world, and picture these two red Rat’s minion Political Whores?

“Politicians are the lowest form of life on earth”.

American General George S Patton, murdered by USA/DC & their bestist butties red Russias for not selling America out to the red Russians like IKE, FDR, and their bunch of Rat’s cum swallowing treasonous to their host countries red Russians.

General Patton saw the red Russian in action, raping little gitls, old grandmas to death, crucifying grandpa upside down.
He called them mongrels.
“It is said for the first two weeks in Berlin, any female who ran was shot, those who did not were raped, [often to death], I could have taken Berlin had I been allowed to.”
General George S Patton

And trying to stop the Rat’s planned Cold War.

The Ole Dog!

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