Malpractice Insurance for “law” enFORCEment

This is a thing political dissidents like the Ole Dog! has been discussing with other non sheep for years.
(political dissident: a dissenter from political orthodoxy).

First of course, the silver tipped branch of the tree of Truth must be driven through the heart of “law” enFORCEment.
(God/Nature has laws, man has codes, rules and statures).

Bring back American Peace officers.

That of course means the Souls living on the Face of the Land of North America must reestablish their Common Law Courts, as they must educate themselves they are not CORPORATIONS, and the USA, and sub corporation “state”, county and city “governments” are for profit Anti-Human corporations, which get their profit from farming the sheep.

Americans are not currently free, but slaves.
They are just too stupid, ignorant, and indoctrinated to understand that FACT!

Americans do not currently deserve freedom.

They deserve the Horsemen, and as you can see, thats what they are getting.

“Be not deceived, for Gods is not mocked, for whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap.”

But on the other side of the tempering fires, for those who survive, they must lay aside the failed old, and embrace the new.

Some of the new will fail also, you just try again with another idea.

Thats what the original united States was, an experiment in self reliance, staying on the path to the LIGHT, therefore freedom.

Look around you.
It is a failed experiment.

Don’t know about you, but I have a couple of ex wives.
Did not marry either a second time.

Found a new women, gave it a try, and if the Rats minions don’t murder me again, we will celebrate forty years in a bit more down the rocky road we have traveled.

Course much of the credit gos to her.
When we got married she told me if I ever tried to leave HER, she would kill me!
I can love a women like that.
I had BETTER love a woman like THAT!

The Ole Dog!

In the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder, activists and policy makers are advocating for fundamental reforms to stop police violence. Requiring police to carry their own liability insurance is an idea that has already attracted significant support. Having studied the push for police misconduct insurance in Minneapolis, I can provide some background on both the proposal and the social movement behind it.

A central way that police violence and police impunity is perpetuated is through financial immunization of officers.
For several years, legal scholars have been examining the role that public and private insurers can play in reforming police and increasing accountability in jurisdictions that carry municipal liability insurance—a type of insurance that many small municipalities and some larger ones rely on to some degree. Insurance is a vital system for regulating behavior. For example, municipal-level insurers compel police agencies to adopt policies that reduce misconduct (e.g., amending use of force policies) and can raise premiums in response to violations or deny coverage altogether. Most large cities self-insure, which means that misconduct-related payouts due to civil lawsuits come from city budgets, so their police conduct policies and practices are not affected by private insurers. Because misconduct lawsuits tend to be paid out from a city’s general budget or insurer, police departments, like individual officers, rarely pay. Officers who are repeatedly sued for misconduct are also rarely punished and have little financial incentive to change their behavior. Thus, a central way that police violence and police impunity is perpetuated is through financial immunization of officers.

One potential accountability mechanism and alternative means of reducing legal liability for police and municipalities that has been largely overlooked by the public and policing scholars is mandatory individual professional liability (misconduct) insurance for officers. This novel accountability mechanism would work like automobile insurance. Drivers who engage in serious and repeated car accidents have higher insurance premiums. Likewise, officers who engage in grave and repeated incidents of misconduct would have higher premiums. Thus, officers would have financial incentives to avoid misconduct and the increased premiums that they would then have to pay. If a driver has too many accidents, a car insurer can drop coverage, and the driver is no longer permitted to drive. Likewise, if an officer were to commit repeated misconduct, a private insurer could drop coverage. Furthermore, police departments could require officers to carry their own insurance. If they could not get such insurance, police officers, especially repeat offenders, would become unemployable, taken off the streets, and no longer pose a threat to public safety.


How Individual Professional Liability Insurance Could Reform US Policing

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