“The Crossing” Epic TV-Movie – 1776 Christmas Miracle at Trenton

All sides, the paid Soros BLM/Antifs, the “conservatives” and the “liberals”, the child raping/murdering in red Russian Khazarian Black Magic Rituals, demophiles and the child raping/murdering republiphiles in red Russian Khazarian Black Magic Rituals, all have their hate, their evil, and blame of each other, to keep them warm.
While America goes to hell!
Repent America!

All you ass holes out there on all sides, hating each other, blaming each other, take a few minutes and look at just a small piece of the hell REAL AMERICANS had to go through so you had the freedom to be ass holes, evil sheep, run your mouths while you sit on your asses!
(While running your pie hole of course).

Unless you were there, you can not imagine the true hell MUCH BETTER MEN went through so you can while bitching/sitting on your ass, sell your people out, and blame someone with a different skin pigmentation or culture for the transformation of America into a slave plantation run by pedophile red Russian Rats.

Got news for all you “Americans” out there except for a handful of REAL Americans.

Real Men, Real Americans, try the Love of God and Peace, before reaching for the sword.

I truly do not think most of you whining bitches out there would have had the balls to stick with Washington.
Those that did were Winter Soldiers.

Your kind are summer soldiers who quit, desert, change sides when it is safer, advantageous or profitable.

You run after false gods who bless your evil.

Repent America.
But first watch a movie about REAL AMERICANS.

Unlike you my hate keeps me warm cowards.

The Ole Dog!