Martin Luther King was sent By God

Martin Luther King was sent By God.
What he did had to be done.

A just God will not look upon with favor, a “government”, or a society which treats it’s people in such a way.

The racial tensions in the South, are a direct result of the evil war crimes by the USA against the Southern people.

I speak as one who as a young hillbilly boy loose in the big city of Houston, rained out from my Chemical plant construction job, walked into the KKK Bookstore, Opens to the “White” Public, on red Bluff Road In Pasadena, Texas.

My dad grew up around and with African Americans friends, in the segregated South during the 1920s.

There were none lived up in the Texas Hill country when I grew up.

No one kept them out, they just did not come.

One family was sent to stir up trouble when when Texas schools were still segregated.
The superintendent violated Texas law, enrolled the young male child in the classes with everyone else.

None of the kids had been around African Americans, everyone wanted to be his friend, he was a good athlete so everyone wanted him on their teams, so the family was sent somewhere else where the people were less tolerant and less wise.

I was curious of what a KKK bookstore was, having read in history and books about the KKK.
When I saw all the hate, and I mean HATE literature they had there, I asked the middle aged women tending the store:
“This is a joke right?”

I still consider myself lucky to have gotten out of there alive.
If hate could have killed, I would have fell in my tracks.

When I got my first divorce, I decided to attend university to study theology.
Was paying child support on a child not of my blood while trying to attend a very high priced private University.
(I was VERY disappointed in the spirituality of the supposed “Christian” University. Bunch of hypocrites and corruption).
I needed a job.
Only one I could find for a stranger in a college town, was a mechanic job at a TG & Y automotive shop.

One day an African American came in, bought a cheap quart of oil, tried to borrow a spout which punctured the top of the tin can, and allowed the oil to be poured in the engine.
No one in the shop would loan him one, nor the one of the shops spouts.
I thought how horrible they were, and loaned the guy a screwdriver to punch a hole in the can.
He walked over to his car, put the oil in his engine, my screwdriver in his pocket, grinned at me like a shit eating dog, and got into his car, drove off with HIS screwdriver.
I had to buy another.

Now right here I could have decided them people in the KKK bookstore was right, and I had been wrong.
But I had a father who taught me no race had the market cornered on jerks, ignorance, evil ass holes.
He taught me it was the degree of dark or Light of the soul that mattered, not the pigmentation of the skin.

Have had and have friends among the African American Community.

The man I personally know, who has in my opinion, the most Love of God in him, the most caring for his fellow humans in my town, is a lay minister refugee from New Orleans and Katrina, who works as a security guard at a large in and out medical procedure/doctors offices complex.
He rides a bicycle around watching out for the cars/people using the building.
If he is around, NOT ONE patient will come out he will not wish Gods blessings and healing.
And when he tells them he will pray for them, he does.
He helps the elderly into their vehicles.
He has to do none of this except ride his bicycle.

This is a Man of God, an Humble Man of God, with the Love of God which shines out as a witness to a dark world!

Back to the USA/DC staring up hate and discontent between Americans.

After the war, the war criminal invading USA/DC wanted to punish the Southern people for daring to defend their children from glory-glory Hallelujah child raping till death boys in blue.

And for DARING to try to hide and bury their valuables!!!!!!!!!!

They used a simple uneducated people who were easy to manipulate, to wage a continued war against a conquered people.

The resentment/hate grown by the USA in the South during those years, has been used by evil asses on both sides to farm Americans like sheep for the slaughter.

The shit you see in the streets right now, is because of what evil asses from USA/DC did.
Don’t forget that.
USA/DC is counting on you forgetting that America.


He was allowed to reform society by USA/DC up to a point, as long as it made the South Look Bad.

When he won his victories in the South, and turned his attentions to stopping the yankee slum lords, yankee society from treating African Americans with racism and injustice, and even murder, the USA/DC murdered him.

The King family said the man sent to prison did not kill King.

The King family sued the USA in civil court for wrongful death of MLK, and WON!

ANY American, looking to USA/DC for the salvation of America, is asking the fox to guard the hen house.

ONLY when American humble themselves before God, BEG forgiveness for ALL the EVIL done in the name of the Americans people, then get right with each other, will America recover from this run away train to hell she is riding currently.

MLK knew, LOVE, God’s Love, is the answer.

But first comes repentance.

Get on your Knees America, look inward for the evil which plagues Americans.

Do it for your children and grandchildren if not for yourself.

The Ole Dog!

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